Bali Sunfish – Best time to see them!


To give yourself the best possible chance of sighting the sunfish in Bali, we strongly recommend that you use our local knowledge to help plan your Bali Sunfish (Mola Mola) diving adventure.

Whilst the Sunfish are here throughout the season, sightings do depend on many things such as the dive site, the number of divers and boats around, the weather, time of day, time of the month. Of course there are more variables to consider but we are not going to give all of our secrets away!

If you choose to dive with Blue Season Bali to see the Sunfish then you get the best diving service in Bali along with the best chance of having an encounter with the Mola Mola to remember.

There is a really good chance of seeing Sunfish at any time during Mid July – October, although there is also a chance of seeing them in early July and November. Do not be distracted by moon cycles or tides as there are so many other factors involved.

Sunfish Dive Trips – Book Now

With the Mola Mola season only months away, we suggest that you have a look at your schedule and contact us early to book your place on the trips.

This year we will be limiting the numbers of divers on our boats to only twenty places per day, in order to minimise the impact of divers on the Sunfish dive sites. We work on a first come, first served basis so book early.